Synthio Chemicals, LLC


Announcements and Technology Updates

New products available!

Synthio Chemicals is pleased to announce the addition of multiple new products to our product offerings. Originally sold by our sister company, DellaTech, these products include electrochemical-grade ionic liquids, specialty lithium salts, including lithium bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide ("LiFSI" or "LiFSA"), and high-performance ionic-liquid-based electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries.  Check out our products page for these new offerings. 

Watch the products page and this announcements page for new products coming in the next few weeks. Products in our 2018 pipeline include new ionic liquids, oxa acids, such as dioxaoctanedioic acid (DOODA), and industrial specialty chemicals. Each of these will be available on our website in gram-to-kg quantities, and will also be available in ton quantities on a contract manufacturing basis. 

Jerry Martin