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4001: LiFSI/DEC solution

4001: LiFSI/DEC solution

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Synthio product #4001

LiFSI solution in diethyl carbonate (DEC) 30wt% LiFSI, 70 wt% DEC

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Concentrated solution of LiFSI in DEC. Ideal base material for investigating high-performance electrolytes with LiFSI. Convenient liquid form simplifies development of electrolytes using LiFSI, DEC and other solvents and additives. Produced using a patent-pending process that yields exceptionally high purity and low water content. Typical analysis: chloride ion < 10 ppm(w), fluoride ion < 60 ppm(w), water < 100 ppm(w). 

See our recent blog post for more information on this new family of products. Synthio's concentrated LiFSI solutions provide the industry's best cost/purity ratios.