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3002: IL-BXH (ionic liquid electrolyte)

3002: IL-BXH (ionic liquid electrolyte)

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Synthio product #3002

EMIM FSI + 1.2M LiFSI + proprietary additives.

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Non-flammable ionic liquid-based electrolyte for lithium ion batteries. Compatible with graphite, silicon and metal anodes, and cathodes up to 4.4V. Proprietary wetting additives improve performance with polypropylene separators. Recommended separators are glass fiber and Celgard 3501. IL-BXH is among the highest performance non-flammable electrolytes available for lithium-ion batteries. Outstanding performance at elevated temperatures make this electrolyte an ideal choice for batteries that must operate at temperatures up to 70°C. Performance can be extended with additive packages for specific electrode chemistries.